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P55,000 30A Start-Stop Charging Box

Let the gadget do his Job. Details

Centralize Lighting

P100K 30A Centralize Auto ON OFF Lights

The controller ONs during night. Details


P5K-10K Burn or Short Circuit Protection

10-30A DC OFF after Short Circuit. Details

PC Based

$20,000 Water Level Monitoring

One PC Based 5 lines At least Details

PC Based

$25,000 Power Line Monitoring System

220V Plug In Technology - 4 lines Details

PC Based

$25,000 Home Lights Control and Mains

Windows Tablet and Server 8CH Details

PC Based

$20,000 AC/DC Fuse Monitoring

2 PC Based Controller - 10 Fuses Details

PC Based

P55,000 Heat Detector Alarm System

48-50 degrees activated Alarm. BUY

PC Based

$10,000 PC Based Ambient Temp Detector

35, 40, 45 and 50deg PC Logging. BUY