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P500,000 30A Start-Stop Charging Box

Let the gadget do his Job. Details

Centralize Lighting

P500K 30A Centralize Auto ON OFF Lights

The controller ONs during night. Details


P20K Burn or Short Circuit Protection

10-30A DC OFF after Short Circuit. Details

PC Based

$10M Water Level Monitoring

One PC Based 5 lines At least Details

PC Based

$10M Power Line Monitoring System

220V Plug In Technology - 4 lines Details

PC Based

$10M Home Lights Control and Mains

Windows Tablet and Server 8CH Details

PC Based

$10M AC/DC Fuse Monitoring

2 PC Based Controller - 10 Fuses Details

PC Based

P10M Heat Detector Alarm System using Computers

48-50, 30, 35, 40 degrees to activated Alarm. BUY

PC Based

$10M PC Based Ambient Temp Detector

35, 40, 45 and 50deg PC Logging. BUY