No Power Alarm with PC logs

$5,000 When Power is off, the Alarm goes ON and start logging...View

2021 Zero Electronics

Lights Control and Mains with Tablet Technology

$10,000 Control your lights and mains using a Touch screen tablet with Windows. Written in VB.Net and Option Explicit is the priority. View

Details: here   /   Video

2021 Zero Electronics

River and Water Level Monitoring

$3,000 Real-Time Monitoring of Rivers for Floods using Computers

2021 Zero Electronics

Full-Empty-Normal-Below Technology with Computer Monitoring

$5,000 Water Tanks now can be monitored using computers. Full Tank, Empty or no water and Below levels can be accomplish using the latest IT technology. View

2021 Zero Electronics

Ten Level Water Monitoring using Windows 7

$50,000 Using the latest IT technology and infrustructure, Boilers and Water Levels now can be detected using computers. View

2021 Zero Electronics

Power Monitoring System with Human Machine Interface (HMI) using PC

$100,000 Monitoring using HMI PC-based design connects to different AC and DC sensors to improve efficiency. View

2021 Zero Electronics

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